Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tree WIP

Hello all. This is a tree that has a car that is crashed on top of the "close up" (car will eventually be made). The base of the 3 trunks will be the focal point, so I want to add as much detail to that area as possible.

I would love to get some crits on this, specifically if this looks like a  tree (if not then why not?). Are the placement and flow of the branches believeable, or is there something more I can do to add to the illusion?

Once I am done with sculpting, what wil be the next step in the work flow?

Thank you for your time


  1. things to consider when working w/ zbrush:
    -work as low as you can for as long as you can, meaning, don't move up in subdiv until you can't improve anymore w/ the silhouette and major shapes.
    -do not get bogged down in one area, always keep moving around the sculpt to keep consistency throughout the whole sculpt. it's fine to really define a specific area for your focus, but don't stay there for too long during your sculpting.

    things about your tree:
    -the branches do not look too believable, they are ending too thick or too soon. take a look at this tree and how the branches thin out at the tips
    grab tons of ref for your tree and take the vital elements from them.
    -some of your major branches remain too thick and with the same volume as they go up. branches tend to thin as they grow.
    -roots. or at least some indication of how this tree connects to the ground. make this tree feel grounded, don't stop with it curved like how you have it.
    -never forget about gesture & straights vs curves. even w/ that pic i linked above, there is great gesture through the branches because it has nice rhythms throughout.

    for now, keep working your silhouette before you hit your next step, which is refining the smaller textures like bark and stuff.