Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hour XIX

Torso day! 1 hour each sculpt

Hour of Torso - Bridgeman's Torsos

Torsos, by Bridgeman

Long Awaited Post...

Long awaited posts...well sort of :P It is somewhat surprising that from keeping up with the sculpting for 2 and half hours non-stop, I was beginning to feel more it really is beneficial that we have this blog, which I will be now posting much more often.

This was the first had study that I felt I was approaching wrong the other day...meaning to not posting.
Then here is the second and third one that I had completed today...still figuring
out ways to approach it.
Now here are the sculpts for today...My first arm somewhat reminds me
of some creature arm...and for some me it feels like it is also spelling something.


Hour XVIII -double forearm action!!


Thursday, January 5, 2012


Only one hand on this post. I got greedy with the poly count with Dynamesh on the second hand and lost it all...



15 min open hand, 30 min fist

This week's Hours

For this week we are focusing on Bridgeman studies so find a way to get your hands on Constructive Anatomy in any form to participate. For this week keep it as planar and as SIMPLE as possible to create clean forms.  Make sure to show ref if possible.

The Time sheet:

1. 2 Posed hands and wrists
2. 2 Arms 
3. 2 posed torsos (save out a nuetral torso for day 4)
4. 2 neck poses (You can use stock or block head)
5. 2 legs
6. 2nd level legs with knee cap
7. 2 feet