Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hour Two!

Spike! :D looks a little "special" lol

Rush Hour 2


Hour Two

Ducky Hate Sharp-Tooth!

Hour 2

Hour 1: Derpy the Derp Armed Dino

This is Derpy the Derp Armed Dino~
for some reason my symmetry  thing wasn't working on the arms so it ended up.... not even, and I ran out of time so I quickly derped his left arm. WHOOO THE HOUR OF POWER HAS BEGUN!

Hour One

well..I guess it just went over my head that Astro already did the triceratops..but here is my lame version of one and on a happy note my first Speed Z-sculpt! :D

Friday, December 9, 2011

This Week's Hour Sheet

0.(Friday)Reg dino
1. Land Before Time
2. Realistic Dinosaur Head
3. Dinosaur head from TV show "Dinosaurs!"
4. PreDinosaur creature
5. Dinosaur era insect
6. Post-Dinosaur animal
7. Caricatured Dinosaur
8. Jeff Goldblum Day!!!

Hour One

First Post

Hour One